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  • AnnouncementNeotys Expands Partner Ecosystem with Independent Tester Program for Load and Te
    Posted by admin on Thursday, February 12 @ 13:56:43 PST (read: 3071 times)

    Unregistered writes "Members Gain Access to Free Resources, Technical, Marketing and New Business Opportunities Boston– September 5, 2012-Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost-effective load and performance testing tools for web and mobile applications, today announced its Independent Tester Program for load and testing professionals. “Neotys is excited to expand our partner ecosystem and work with independent load and testing professionals as they solve real customer business problems," said Laurent Gaudy, VP Partners & Alliances, Neotys. "We are committed to making it easy and effective to integrate NeoLoad into best testing practices and look forward to having more members in the Neotys community.” Members of the Neotys Tester Program receive many benefits: • Free licenses: Independent test members will have access to free licenses of NeoLoad, a load testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and analyze server behavior. Specifically, members will have access to NoKeyMode and design licenses (5 VUs) for projects. Testers are also able to receive free cloud credits for the NeoLoad Cloud Testing solution. • Networking and marketing opportunities: Through the Neotys community, blog and forums, independent tester members will also have networking and learning opportunities where they can meet other QA professionals from around the world to discuss software testing trends and ideas. Members can also promote their skills through the Neotys Service Partner ecosystem and join testing projects within their geographies • Innovation: Members of the program will have access to the latest technologies and applications. By being part of the Neotys community, testers can participate in the NeoLoad beta program and be the first to test the latest capabilities. To sign up for the program, interested parties create a profile based on testing skills, environment and location. Once approved, independent testers will be prompted to take an online professional certification course which will enhance their NeoLoad testing expertise and provide additional business benefits in the form of NeoLoad discounts and higher visibility in the Partner network. Neotys Service Partners will search for and find testers in the program online to engage with specific testing projects. About Neotys www.neotys.com Since 2005, Neotys has helped over 1,000 customers in more than 60 countries enhance the reliability, performance, and quality of their web and mobile applications. The best-in-class NeoLoad load & performance testing solution is flexible, easy to use with infinite scalability from the cloud and support for all web 2.0 and mobile technologies. All this is backed by a dedicated team of Neotys professional services and support to ensure your success. For more information about Neotys and NeoLoad visit: www.neotys.com or contact sales@neotys.com. "

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    AnnouncementQASymphony Unveils Free eBook for Testers
    Posted by admin on Thursday, February 12 @ 13:56:35 PST (read: 2870 times)

    Unregistered writes "Free eBook outlines techniques for QA departments working on Agile software development

    ATLANTA, GA – February 14, 2014—QASymphony (www.qasymphony.com), a leading developer of Quality Management solutions for software developers and QA testers, today announced the release of “What you Need to Know about SW Testing in the Agile Era,” a free eBook aimed at the testing community. This publication is designed to offer up useful techniques for the modern testers of today. The eBook can be downloaded by clicking here. (http://www.qasymphony.com/ebook.html)

    Taking into account the Agile revolution in software development, the rise of cloud computing and the growing popularity of mobile devices, this eBook imparts practical advice from industry experts Vu Lam, CEO of QASymphony, and veteran practitioner Sellers Smith, Director of QA at Silverpop. It highlights the impact of major changes in the way software is developed, suggesting the right approach to tackle any new testing project.

    Broken into four short articles, “What you Need to Know” is a vital read for testing practitioners in the field. It identifies a real need to update and reimagine roles to cater for the Agile methodology and explains why the right testing methods are essential. Practical steps to achieve the changes required are laid out in the following order:

    1. Reimagining the Tester for the Agile Age
    2. Finding the Right Mix with your Testing Methods
    3. Surprising Truth about Exploratory Testing
    4. Building Good Tests: Why, What, How?

    “It’s time to reevaluate how we approach testing and to blend techniques that are capable of providing the transparency and flexibility that modern software development demands,” says Vu Lam, CEO of QASymphony. “We hope to foster a greater spirit of community across the testing profession.”

    QASymphony is the developer behind qTest, a powerful test management solution designed to serve the needs of testing professionals. The company most recently announced qSnap, a free screen capture and documentation plug-in tool that works across all popular browsers. The tool can be downloaded at http://www.qasymphony.com/qsnap.html.

    # # # "

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    AnnouncementSquish Central Test Automation Management Beta Launched
    Posted by admin on Thursday, February 12 @ 13:55:46 PST (read: 3109 times)

    Unregistered writes "

    Hamburg, Germany – 2011-09-27 froglogic GmbH today announced a beta program for its new Squish Central product. Squish Central is a web based, cross-platform, and distributed test automation management solution that includes built-in integration for automated Squish GUI tests.

    froglogic is the vendor of Squish, the market leading cross-platform and cross-technology GUI test automation tool. Squish is designed for creating, executing, and maintaining automated functional GUI tests on a variety of platforms and GUI technologies. While Squish focuses on functional GUI testing, the high-level management of automated test executions across machines and platforms, and the management of reports produced by automated tests, has been handled by Squish integration plugins for a variety of Test Management, Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM), and Continuous Integration (CI) tools. This has allowed Squish customers to easily manage and run Squish tests using third-party solutions.

    "While Squish's integration plugins into third-party test management tools are a great fit for customers who already use and employ these solutions, many of our customers expressed the desire for a complete all in one solution from froglogic. In response to this demand, we have created a test automation management solution with tight Squish integration that is easy to set up and use."—Reginald Stadlbauer, froglogic's CEO.

    "The first version of Squish Central focuses on the management of automated tests, and in particular, running tests both on-demand and according to a user-specified schedule, with the tests executed on a chosen set of machines, and with the results analyzed and presented in a variety of ways. Future plans include integrations with bug tracking tools, requirements engineering, custom test types (unit tests, etc.), and more."—Harri Porten, froglogic's CTO.

    "The new Squish Central product is aimed at froglogic customers who don't have automation management solutions or who use ad hoc systems (such as hand-written scripts) to run their regression tests. For these users Squish Central will bring major improvements to their test automation campaigns. froglogic will, of course, continue to support the Squish integrations for third-party party test management, ALM and CI tools to meet the needs of those customers who use them."—Roberto Maisl, froglogic's Squish Central Product Manager.

    Today, froglogic begins the Squish Central beta program. To participate, please complete the form at survey.froglogic.com (which should take about 3 minutes).

    On October 12, 2011, froglogic will hold a live public webinar explaining more about Squish Central and showing a live demo of the tool. To register for the webinar, please visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/984742578.

    For more information or any questions, please contact sales@froglogic.com.

    About froglogic

    froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Java AWT/Swing and SWT/RCP, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, Windows MFC and .NET, iOS CocoaTouch and for HTML/Ajax-based web applications running in different web browsers. More about froglogic is at http://www.froglogic.com.


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    Press ReleaseMerit Software and Services launches MeterPlus- Performance Analysis tool
    Posted by admin on Thursday, February 12 @ 13:55:35 PST (read: 2288 times)

    Unregistered writes "Merit Software and Services Pvt. Ltd. an offshore development company specializing in customized software development, outsourcing and IT services from India. Merit Software and Services has launched MeterPlus Version1.0 performance analysis tool (http://www.msas.in/meterplus.html). MeterPlus is a free tool. It works on the principle of accepting JMX (JMeter Test Plan) file as input, allows users to perform operation like configure test plan properties, execute test plan and analyze the results along with generation of customizable reports. The reports are linked between different sections for easy of navigation and understanding. They are created using style sheet templates for custom look and feel. The exported reports also have customizable layouts using its built-in drag and move features which are often handy for the consumers of the report. If you are looking for a powerful tool to execute test plan and analyze the results, or a tool to create performance analysis reports MeterPlus does what you want, the way you want it. Some of admirable features of MeterPlus include 1]Execute test plan and create reports in 4 easy steps 2]Online mode for on the fly execution 3]Offline mode for importing legacy test results 4]Analyze execution results before generating reports 5]Customizable eight graphs for complete performance analysis 6]Cumulative Summary Report for variable loads 7]Customizable report layouts using drag and move feature 8]Can also be used to generate reports for functional testing. For more information email at meterplus@msas.in. Complete performance analysis in matter of minutes..... "

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    Press ReleaseOptimiza – First Jordanian company to achieve the CMMI® accreditation.
    Posted by admin on Thursday, February 12 @ 13:55:26 PST (read: 2669 times)

    Unregistered writes "Optimiza, Jordan’s leading regional Systems Integrator, announced today that it is the first Jordanian company to obtain CMMI accreditation. CMMI® “Capability Maturity Model Integration” is currently considered the most widely accepted and adopted process improvement approach worldwide. It is known to provide organizations with the latest best practices for product and service development and maintenance, to improve quality and surpass the competition. This achievement comes after a yearlong preparation that included training, implementation and continuous development of work procedures. The project was facilitated through the national program that was launched by the Information Technology Association of Jordan - int@j with support from the USAID Jordan Economic Development Program – SABEQ in cooperation with the QAI international company. The program started in the last quarter of 2009 aiming to evaluate and improve the quality and performance of Jordanian companies using the approved best practices in the fields of development, software implementation and project management according to CMMI® Level -3 for Development. Applying the CMMI® model forces companies to commit to a number of instrumental procedures and assessments. Getting the CMMI® accreditation is of a great advantage for both the clients and the employees of an organization. It improves the quality of the products and services as well as improving the productivity of the companies by enhancing work procedures. It also promotes and reinforces the company’s capabilities to predict projects schedule and achieve higher return on investment and enhance the capability to manage risks. Today Optimiza adds a new achievement to the Jordanian record of excellence. About Optimiza: Optimiza is a leading regional systems’ integrator specialized in offering reliable business solutions and services in the areas of management consulting, information technology, outsourcing and training, serving clients from the governments and private sectors through its network of offices in the Middle East. With 29 years of experience and hundreds of projects delivered, Optimiza‘s intellectual capital spans diverse industries, enabling more than 400 professionals across the Middle East to integrate and deliver successful, innovative consulting and technology solutions, with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Optimiza is owned by Al-Faris National Investments, a publicly-listed ICT company (ASE:CEBC). "

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